• Benben Cykler

Preorder the new Hansen/Benben gravel frames

We are expecting the new batch of frame sets to arrive mid-end September. They come in brown this time - but four different browns. A bit later we'll receive a batch of custom components which are made specifically for the frames. Below is a picture of the the xtra large frame (size 64cm). They also come in small (54cm), medium (57cm) and large (60cm). In general we recommend to go a size up from your usual road bike but then to use a shorter stem than usual. We haven't done any changes to the geometry, but we did add more tire clearance, so now there is plenty room for a 700c x 45 and 650c x 2.0. Please come by the shop in Østerbro and take a look at the amazing brown nuances of the new frames

Together with Hansen Is we also plan to make a very limited set of titanium gravel frames. We found a partner in Taiwan who really does some astonishing work. There is a size medium (57cm) frame build up with trick parts in the shop on Østerbro.